5 Important Practical Ways to Assess Candidates in Job Interviews

We all know how any interview goes. The candidate enters, answers a bunch of questions, asks few questions, and then leaves. The process of interviews has not changed with time. It is very important for hiring managers or recruiters to find and hire the right candidate for the position. To find the best hire, recruiters should follow proper ways to evaluate and assess candidates in job interviews.

Neither are some very obvious question has changed with time. For example, some questions to the candidates related to their future plans, previous experiences, strengths, and weaknesses.

Repeating all the procedures during an interview is with the single aim to assess candidates in job interviews. But among so many candidates it is important to think and work smart.

Many employers do find the task to assess candidates as a difficult job. But an employer can easily evaluate candidates with creative techniques. The techniques can be added when strategizing the interview.

Here, we have simple five creative ways to assess candidates in job interview:

Behavior Before and After the Interview

To assess candidates in job interviews smartly it is important to note their every move from the minute they enter the premises till they leave. The attitude of the candidate tends to change in front of an employer but outside the real behavior can be seen.

When in front of the interviewer, the candidate tries to present themselves in the best manner but when outside the interview room they are more comfortable.

Now, when the candidate is outside the interview room, make sure that the room is under survivance and is not isolated. The interaction with other people and the way a candidate communicates resembles a lot about their behavior.

The way of communication both before and after the interview can give an idea about the candidate. The confidence they have if they brag about their skills or not if they misbehave with someone or not, and many more.

Such small things can help to better assess candidates apart then what they show during the interview. Their behavior with their fellow candidates, along with the current employees, the small workers of the company, or any other individual they face when entering the premises.

The whole bunch of activities they do even after leaving the interview room shows some of the elements of the personality of the candidate as well. Assessments do not get over inside the interview room.

Ask Questions Apart From Their Expectation

A candidate comes prepared for an interview. For the well-prepared candidates, it is a handful for the employer to conduct an assessment.

For such candidates, an interviewer or an employer can design questions that can check other things. Things such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, leadership qualities, and many more.

Even though many candidates do prepare such questions for an interview. So asking such questions will be very helpful to complete assess candidates in job interviews. Asking questions out of their qualification or noticing their response to a sudden situation during an interview can be very useful.

Such challenges and situations can also tell a lot about the capabilities of the candidate and these formulas are used very much to assess candidates.

Ask About Their Thoughts or Opinions

Many candidates do have an image of the company or dream about their career when they apply. So, an interviewer can ask them a few questions regarding the company and how do they picture themselves.

An opinion, on the other hand, can be asked by creating a hypothetical situation. Knowing what the candidate thinks and makes up their thought process is a very important part of assessments.

The ultimate thought process of the candidates will reflect on their working attitude in the company. So, an interview can ask just to assess candidates regarding their thoughts and opinions.

An interviewer can also check the honesty of the candidate, the problem-solving techniques, and many other soft skills. An interviewer can check all the skills of the candidate by making them feel comfortable to make statements.

When the candidate is confident enough to put their thoughts on the table, an interviewer can assess candidates based on their thought process.

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Know the Relevant Areas

An interviewer should be aware of the areas or fields in which they can assess candidates successfully. The relevant areas of questions and discussions during an interview can decide the future of the candidate in the company.

To assess candidates efficiently, it is important to the limits of asking questions and the topics to avoid. For instance, an interviewer should not ask a personal question to the candidate.

Also, an interviewer should not leave any questions regarding the qualification, skills, and futurist approaches. The set of questions that an interviewer asks are the core to successfully assess candidates.

The interviewer must arrange the questions within the boundaries of the interview decency. An interviewer can assess candidates in a very short period of time with the help of well-framed questions.

Relevant areas basically surround the field of education and experience of the candidate, along with the skills, and some hypothetical questions. All these questions can help to better assess candidates in job interviews.

Don’t Make It an Easy Conversation

An interview is to assess candidates rather than chit-chats. The thin line between the two should not be crossed by the candidate as well.

An interviewer can test the seriousness of the candidate by making them comfortable and assess candidates according to it.

The nervousness of the candidate can hide the real thoughts and attitude of the candidate related to interviews. But if the candidate excels in the limitation of professionalism, it can lead to direct rejection.

An interview does not need a very serious conversation with a scary vibe. It is a professional interaction which is to assess candidates. Making it a conversation without killing the vibe is the most creative way to assess candidates in job interviews.

The creativity in this, if from both sides, can help in conducting assessments for multiple candidates no matter what position they applied for.  Comfortable interaction with the candidate can help in assessing them correctly.

The whole process to assess candidates ultimately takes place during the interview, so it is important to mark all the actions and answers of the candidate during the interaction.

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