Best Job Keywords Recruiters Can Use In Your Next Job Posting

The days of unemployment are on us, it is this time of the year when millions of people graduate and are desperately looking for employment opportunities. With active network users, the demand for suitable jobs is rising online much faster than any other mode.Numerous search engines have been active with the job posts to find a suitable hire for the companies looking for candidates. Now, the employer looking for an eligible candidate could use some very necessary job posting keywords by which they could be faltered and found. And using relevant keywords can attract more relevant candidates to hire and find the right fit.

Important Job Posting Keywords which a Recruiter or Employer should add:

1.   Phrases that defines Company

Some companies have their own build-up image in their sector or industry. Thanks to active advertisements many companies have thought of creative and catchy phrases to use after the name.

Some dialogue or some motto that a company uses gets fixed in the mind of people whenever they hear about it.

So when looking to post a job try to use these creative lines as an introduction of the company to the viewer.

Make the relevant impression so that when looking for a job, a candidate finds a known company and gives it the first reference.

2.   Job description

A very important keyword is the job description. Not a whole sentence describing the job but an exact word for what it is. Use terms that give the idea to the candidate of what actually the role will he/she will be playing.

For example, ‘Floor manager’ automatically states what the functions will be, or ‘Marketing intern’ which also gives an idea of what will be the responsibility of the candidate.

Terms like these define the work or the functions that one will be doing after getting selected for the job. Use the exact word so that the candidate would not get confused and search by themselves about the job profiles and duties.

3.   Salary and allowances

When looking for any job, this is the keyword that can totally change the game. That is why putting salaries on job posting with at least one keyword is important.

Along with the job description only, an employer should mention the annual package offered by the company along with few allowances if any.

Posting about these things will increase the interest of the candidate towards the company and the offer. Many candidates apply for certain branded companies only with the desire of getting paid handsomely.

Allowances are not easily disclosed by companies but some common benefits should be mentioned traditionally so that the offer looks more charming to the candidate.

Putting allowances are not preferred by many companies but while posting a job on any portal a single line of giving hints that allowances are included could also work. Adding salary and benefits could attract a mass of eligible candidates.

4.   Make it Google-friendly

Many candidates still use Google to find jobs or career opportunities so it is important to make the job posting easily searchable on Google. Now, there are ways to do this. Firstly an employer can look for search engine optimization to find the job posting keywords most candidates are looking for.

Is it ‘Internship’, ‘full-time’, ‘work from Home’, or any other with the help of which an employer could get their job posting on the top.

Making it on the top of the search engine also includes adding the location of the company and few known landmarks if any.

With this, the domestic future workforce can contact easily and be available for the interview process in the office. Locations are also very much searched on Google so making it easy to access is important.

Location, address along zip codes could be turned into a keyword even to the candidates coming from other towns and cities.

Landmarks here also play a major role, for instance, if a company has shifted its office to a different location then landmarks help in finding the office easily.

Using all of them smartly can also make the job posting impressive and attractive.

One can also use location keywords along with job descriptions, as people tend to search for the job they desire in their own town.

5.   Special skill required in a candidate

Skills are the type of job posting keywords that helps in filtering the right candidate for the company so mentioning some of them as keywords could ease the hunting.

Skills can include soft skills, technical skills, or any other advanced specialization suitable for the job profile.

Many companies do mention that they need a ‘software developer’ or ‘customer handling’ type of skills under the job description which works wonderfully as keywords.

Adding skills like ‘communication skills’ or ‘flexible working hours’ also clears some air between the candidate and the demands of the company.

So, adding even the smallest skill as a keyword could totally attract the correct candidate and could solve many questions regarding the work profile.

Many job postings put some very heavy terms which do not ring a bell to the entry-level candidates so it is the point to keep in mind of the employer is to put realistic and understandable skills in demand.

Optimize the whole job description with keywords that can be easily searched and are important for the job profile.

6.   Abbreviation regarding qualification

Looking for a doctorate? Or master’s degree? Exactly what qualification a job posting is looking for is the keyword worth mentioning. The education qualification can also be used in the form of Abbreviations.

For example, a job posting is for a ‘Ph.D.’, or ‘Msc’ or any other keyword could be used to find the minimum qualification required for a job. ‘

Abbreviations could also be used in a company description and location and much other information regarding the post.

When looking for a senior post, often it is noticed that employers use abbreviations and it is quite known among the professional language how to use and where to use them.

Many people searching for jobs also use such abbreviations for finding the job posting, so it is advisable to use them for matching with the desired candidate.

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