How To Effectively Hire Foreign Workers In The USA?

To hire foreign workers in a first-world country like the USA is not an easy job. To trust and understand a foreigner to work for a company requires lots of study and willpower.

The bigger the workforce bigger the chances of getting business and exposure in the global market.

But having international employees in a country like the USA has many perks as well. A company with a diverse workforce can handle international clients from every corner of the earth.

It also benefits in setting up the branches of the company in a different corner of the world with their employees belonging to that particular place.

The global market gets wide open one by one as the company hires international or foreign workers.

But for hiring such eligible foreign workers in the USA it is important to follow few steps before finalizing or selecting a worker:

Some Tips to Effectively Hiring Foreign Workers in the USA:

1.   Know Your Demand

While posting a job or search for an employee, it is important to be clear about the qualities that one desires in the students or the candidates looking forward to applying for employment.

Demand for a candidate can be from all the corners of information. Starting from their background to their skills, and analysis of their future in the company based on their profile.

An employer needs to be very much sure about the filters they want in their candidate for a candidate to become a permanent employee.

This also includes what visa holder could fit better in the job profile and the company. A nonimmigrant visa holder with a bachelor’s degree and favoring, a nonimmigrant student, and any Student under an Exchange and Visitor Programs or a trainee.

Multiple visas can also reflect the future of the company and the candidate working as an employee so it is important to have a clear idea about the demands of a company for a candidate.

Many companies also sponsor visas, so if looking to hire foreign workers in the USA, it is important to know about the visas and choose efficiently.

2.   Get self-sufficient

For hiring a foreign worker, the company or the recruiter needs to be self-sufficient. And how they will be that is by getting a certificate from the department of labor for the confirmation of protecting the rights and work opportunities for the domestic workers or the US workers.

It is a small process but is very important, cannot be missed by any company desired to hire foreign workers.

To get the certificate from the labor department, a company or an agent has to provide evidence for the need and vacancy to hire a foreign worker in the company, fill and sign the appropriate ETA form, provide the surety that the candidate will be paid, and attach all the forms and send it via mail.

If hiring foreign workers only based on employment then it gets a little trickier. Being self-sufficient as an employer or as a company is very important. Especially in the legal records of the USA government.

For that, an employer or the company needs to get some documents from the legal authorities which will provide the power to hire foreign workers.

The company or the recruiter has to create a plan for bringing the international employees to the US providing all the pieces of training which can help the business and employee. The United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the official government body entrusted with all the information regarding visas and hiring international employees.

3.   Organize an interview

Now, when organizing an interview there are a few exceptions for foreign workers. The first thing is to be open-minded and not to judge or pass any comment based on the candidate’s background or class.

The United States has a long history of racial discrimination so the recruiter or the interviewer should be very cautious. Any slight misunderstanding can also make the candidate uncomfortable.

A traditional set of questions should be prepared for the interview and it should be the same for every candidate despite their background or country of origin.

The resume style, their way of address, their dressing style, and many other factors might be different compared to the domestic US workers.

Organizing the whole recruiting process beforehand is advisable and increases the success rate of the employee.

An interview could be through online mode as well, so give sufficient time for post and pre-question sessions. Selecting candidates who are taking part in the interview from other parts of the world also involves minding the time zones.

4.   Comply with visa and tax

Hiring an international worker or employee is a completely different game. Starting from security tax, payroll tax, and other types of tax come under the basket of the employer.

Extension of visa or application for a permanent residential visa such as H1B also goes through the acceptance through the HR of the company.

One of the mandatory steps is to complete a Form W-2 so that the ICE can check their Form I-9. These are some types of governmental forms that hold the employee’s information, starting from their wage to their expenses. These the letter are meant to be read carefully and follow the instructions provided. There are multiple other forms available for numerous taxes paid to the US government for hiring foreign workers.

5.   Certification for foreign workers

Many companies hire foreign workers for permanent or temporary employment and positions ranging from technical work and those requiring specialized training to professional occupations requiring a bachelor’s degree or doctorate or other.

The status under which a candidate applies will depend on the occupational requirements of the job, such as education and experience or skill. Some applications that can be filled by the candidates after a fixed contract or employment include applications for permanent employees, applications for temporary H1-B employees, or applications for temporary H2-A agricultural workers and H2-B non-agricultural workers.

One can access the applications through a federal employer identification number (FEIN) to check and apply for any status. Recruiters and agents can also apply and may also be able to track their application process online and find solutions to any of their questions.

The certification to hire a foreign worker in the USA is as important as studying and knowing about visas and taxes. It is a legal certificate that makes the company open for the global market of candidates and hiring of them till the certificate expires.

Tisha Garcia

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