Complete Guide for Conducting Interviews in the Pandemic Time

Coronavirus pandemic has caused an imbalance in the lifestyle of every human being on this planet. The pandemic era has made its permanent mark as an “era” in human history. The obvious reason behind this is that the effects of this pandemic have spread their wings to all the corners. Starting from the economy of the countries to the education system and the employment of the people. The hiring and recruiting styles of the companies and multiple employers have changed due to the pandemic era. Conducting interviews in the pandemic including hiring people, working, or even providing training of the new employees has differed now if compared to the time of the pre-2020 era.

The growth of digital platforms has been a savior for the world. Internet access has helped in connecting people globally. Conducting interviews, seminars, educational classes, and even weddings have been part of this pandemic. The term ‘New normal’ has been influenced by the new ways of living.

Conducting interviews is something that is rare but is hoped to continue in the future as well. Interviews are something that is a very necessary practice along with lists of things to keep in mind.

Tips for conducting interviews during such new normal situations are very much in demand by the employers and the companies.

Conducting interviews have changed its course but not entirely changed its methods. For example, the personal interactions between the employer and the candidates have been minimized.

Due to the scare of the virus, people have been locked in their homes for months and still, there has been no relief. With the methods of digitalization, all the interviews have been conducted.

Tips for conducting interviews include some very new and important points for both employer and employees. The important tips for conducting interviews majorly focus on the viewpoint for the employers more than it does for the employee.

Let Us Look At Some Tips For Conducting Interviews In The Pandemic – New Normal Era:

1.   Breaking The Ice

The primary tip for conducting interviews is to make the candidate feel comfortable. Very few candidates have the experience of interviewing through non-personal interaction.

Many employers do connect with their candidates before conducting interviews online so that they become comfortable. Breaking the ice is also the session that companies organize for their new employees after their selection.

It is a tip for conducting an interview even if it is online, to have a small session or interaction with the candidates to make them feel comfortable.

This pandemic has increased the feeling of fear and anxiety between people and loss of jobs is quite common so if the candidate can get a small interaction before the interview it will be helpful. Among many more, breaking the ice at least for the entry-level candidate is the first tip for conducting interviews.

2.   Interview Platform

As the digital platform has taken the hold of our daily life, when it comes to conducting interviews there are few.

During this pandemic, every little gathering or interaction has taken place on social media platforms. For interviews, digital platforms are working smartly for conducting interviews or organizing seminars.

Interview platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and many more have been used drastically for professional purposes.

Here an important tip for conducting interviews is to have a stable and accurate online platform in which the candidate can also operate. Nothing so rigid and difficult to operate, such interview platforms are very useful.

It should be kept in check that an accurate interview platform is where presentations are possible, adding participants, pausing, recording, and even clarity of both audio and video can be achieved.

Among all other, tips for conducting interviews put the interview platform has a center. The platform is the medium of the interview so it should be easy to use.

3.   Conversations

Now, many may think that because of the pandemic the way of conducting interviews has changed so other things change too. But the fact is, it doesn’t.

Along with all the technical tips for conduction interviews online, the soft skills or the soft skill tips remain the same. The interaction may be digital but when taking an interview, the way of taking it should not change.

The delicacy and professionalism of the interview should be maintained is among every common tip for conducting interviews. Virtual interviews are the new normal but not entirely different.

Ethics and integrity should be maintained in the conversation during an interview.

4.   Conducting Interview Physically

There are few tips for conducting interviews in the office physically. The regulations and norms that have been passed by the global health advisors need to be followed.

Tips for conducting interviews in the office include sanitization, social distancing, and wearing masks. These tips are been circulated everywhere and should be avoided.

Conducting interviews during the pandemic has added a few more sets of rules and regulations.

The awareness among the people about the conduction of interviews or any social interaction has been the major highlight. The tips for conducting interviews in such locations do include all the precautions.

The tips for conducting interviews in the physical mode combine the steps that should be taken before and after the interview is over. For example, sanitization should be done of the entire area before a candidate comes and after they leave.

The sanitization and wearing of masks all the time when inside an office or the company is mandatory in every corner of the world. All the tips for conducting interviews in the office or physically are cornered around the principles of sanitization and distancing.

5.   Check Yourself

Conducting interviews in pandemic times as such difficult and different times is new for everyone. No one was trained or even warned about the change in lifestyle that it is now.

Tips for conducting interviews also include checking your progress report by yourself.

For this, the recording feature of the interview platform can be used. Record yourself once before the final interview begins and check all the technical and soft features.

Tips of conducting interviews no matter what platform either digital or physical do ask for checking oneself and reassuring the patterns. Checking can help in rearranging the location, presentation skills, questions to be asked, and many other factors.

An ideal checking should also include the body gestures and the attire. Even if the interviews have been conducted digitally during this pandemic, these two terms can be avoided.

The similarities among physical and digital conduction of an interview include the presentation of oneself. Checking and confirming the whole process of an interview on a digital platform is among the most useful tips for conducting an interview.

It is not just the duty of the candidate to check themselves before appearing for an interview but it is as important for the employer.

This pandemic period has shown us the importance of digital platforms and the issues that can occur in them. So, the tip is to check the platform as well either by organizing a test on screen or by just recording it.

Checking the visibility, audio management, and presentation options in the digital platform can help in conducting a perfect interview.

6.   Conclusion

The pandemic era has shown the whole world an entirely different way of survival. Dependent mostly on the digital workspaces, the entire human race has found ways of living.

On the other hand, employments are being affected drastically. The employment rate rising and falling every day has made it even more competitive. Therefore, the employers have also found some new things to coordinate and work with.

The tips for conducting interviews mentioned in this article talks about the ease of selecting candidates with this new change. How an employer can conduct interviews following all the norms.

This article shares a list of important tips for conducting interviews both digitally and physically. The digital platforms being on a hot plate in every stage of life needs to be handled carefully.

The tips for conducting interviews mention all the important points for an employer to have a professional interaction.

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