Guide to Know How to Deliver an Employee Termination

Termination is the bitter truth for many people. Employee Termination are nothing but a form of duty for some employers but for employees, it can be a life-changing event. When an employer has to terminate someone, they should keep in mind that it can be a big moment in an employee’s career.

So, being professional and humble are the basic attitude expected from an employer while delivering a termination. Along with that, there are other few points that one should keep in mind while delivering a termination.

How to do it efficiently and methodically can be understood through few points.

Tips and Guide When Firing Someone and To Perform an Employee Termination Smoothly:

1.   Full Preparation Before The Termination

An employer should do some preparation of their own before delivering a termination. The preparation here includes having a final discussion with the senior board. Whether the termination is final or not, are there any changes, or has the date shifted for delivering the termination, and so on.

Consider checking the succession plan for an alternate candidate. The company may want to start recruiting and then think to terminate. It will also help in providing time to send signals to clients and customers that there will be some changes in the company soon.

After having the final word, it is important to collect all the documents required for the termination.

All the reasons should be well-prepared so that the questions could be answered properly. Also, making some of the questions that are expected usually from an employee during receiving a termination would help.

Preparing the documents carefully is very necessary. All the contracts, or bills, or whatever is provided to an employee during the termination should be combined.

2.   Take Steps Slowly

Write the process down if there is a bulk of employees getting terminated.

It should look like a decent announce­ment that an irrevocable decision has been made to discharge the individual. It should nothing less or more than that, so an employer should get right to the point for an official announcement of termination. Start the termination by announcing right from the start that there’s bad news ahead, you will rivet the individual’s attention on what’s coming next.

Keeping all the dignity of the employee break the bad news. Do not forget to state the reason for the termination in clear and simple words and then tell the person directly that he or she has been terminated.

Give the accounts by which the decision has been finalized and inform all the benefits the company got from them. Do not exaggerate the benefits too much keep it short.

Give a little reality check that what is happening and why. Professionally tell the employee that they are terminated from the company.

3.   Communicate

A termination meeting should be handled like an interview. Both the employer and the employee should listen to each other and communicate. Now, some things are obvious when delivering the termination the most common are shock, denial, anger, and grief. Listening to what the employee says will tell you which of the reactions he is experi­encing and how they are taking it.

Talking about their previous works, references, ongoing projects, co-workers, and many other interactions is part of this step.

Make them feel that it is completely professional not at all personal and that they are welcome in the future.

The communication starts from the first eye contact until they exit their office with all their stuff.

But one should also be under the limits of their profession and traditional way of communication.

One should avoid sharing information about future endeavors of the company or backbiting about the other employees or showing empathy more than required or discussing very personal information.

4.   Preserve The Dignity

Termination from a company or a post does not make the employee unworthy or useless or anything manipulative.

The delivery of the termination should take place respectively just like a normal interaction between two professionals.

While terminating an employee, an employer should keep their dignity no matter how long they have been working with the company.

Preserving dignity does not mean to boost or create an emotion of ego or arrogance in the conversation.

An employee should not feel that because of so much respect they are getting this means that the company is too good for them. This feeling can ruin the whole process of termination.

The way of communication should not misdirect or be too modest as it can ruin the whole gist of delivering a termination.

Preserving dignity also includes keeping the information or reason of termination to oneself and not advertising it. Even after the employee left, the reason for termination should not be disclosed to other employees.

The termination should with all the etiquette and respect for the employee.

5.   The Termination Meeting

The final tip to deliver a perfect termination is to find a comfortable place. Any conference room in the company can be suited to deliver the termination.

Any area in the building or nearby can be suited to have a final meeting with the employee. Any room that will be nervous or freak an employee is not advisable.

A well-furnished, comfortable, and professional sitting arrangement will be perfect to terminate an employee.

The meeting will be the whole combined process of documents, questions and answers, and professional interaction with the employee for the last time.

Besides the supervisor, who may be an observer, and the worker who’s being fired, there are situations where one may want to have a third party attend the meeting. If the employee being terminated requests a witness, then it is advisable to allow it, so that the employee does not feel like being in an interrogation room alone and been dragged out the door because of any crime.

Many small businesses also conduct terminations in the neutral room so that the employee does not feel grounded or left alone. The surroundings for delivery termination should be light and friendly so that the day does not become a harsh memory for the employee. This is the final and the important tip that one should keep in check.

6.   Provide The Reason

No employee can accept the termination with open arms, they will want to know the reasons for termination. So, it is the duty of the employer or the termination provider to give them the correct reason for the termination.

It needs to be communicated professionally and with no personal grievances. The reason for delivering a termination can be related to their performance, their attitude in the company, any fraud they did, or maybe an issue from the company’s side.

Whatever may the reason be, the employee should be aware of it. This can also help in correcting themselves for the future. An employer should make sure that the reasons are discussed with the authorities and approved all mutually. The understanding of the reason behind delivering a termination should be professional and known to the authorities as well.

Providing a reason is very important while delivering a termination. Even if the employer has to deliver a termination to a whole team or more than one employee. Reasons should be provided along with the termination letter or information.

7.   Positive Approach For Their Future

When delivering a termination to a formal employee, it is preferable to leave them with a positive note. As it can be unpredictable how an employee will react while receiving a termination there are few things that an employer can talk about.

Based on the job profile and performance in the company, an employer can leave a termination note regarding their bright future.

Not by advertising for other companies or marking the faults of their own company but general points on how there is hope for their better future.

A positive vibe given by the employer can also reduce some feelings of loss from the mind of the employee.

To avoid the deep sadness of an employee, it is an important tip for delivering a termination. Talk about the good performances of the employee in all the past times they have been in the company or the organization.

Share thoughts on how things are changing in the industry and how an employee can learn and change for better future opportunities.

Give a positive note on how the other employees will not forget and admire the work that has made a positive impact on the company.

Many other such positive approaches can be provided to the employee while receiving a termination.


In this article, there are seven major tips that are provided for employers regarding the process of delivering a termination. Covering the process from the preparation before the delivery of the termination until the actual meeting.

An employer should keep in mind all the tips that are mentioned to keep the interaction professional and least harmful for the employee.

It can be a difficult day for the employee when the termination is handed over or announced so it is the duty of the employer to make it easy.

Not affecting the mental health of an employee too much an employer can deliver an employee termination.

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