Terms & Conditions

OPT Recruit welcomes every user with some terms and conditions for their better accessing to the website.

  • Accessibility: It is a user-friendly website that can be assessed by anyone, anytime and from anywhere. There is no need for registration or signup. A user can access OPT Recruit as many times as they want. They can also access any blog related to hiring, recruiting, and any category provided on the website.
  • Personal information: A user only has to fill in information about themselves when they have a query or want to contact.

Personal information is not asked by the OPT Recruit as we provide a guide and content on efficient hiring.

Personal information of any other user cannot be shared or even showed to another user so it is advisable to not even search for it. The use of the details about the personal information of a user is covered under the privacy policy of OPTRecruit.

  • Ownership: all the blogs and content are the property of OPT Recruit and not of any user. A user can copy, read, and share the blogs but does not has the right to own any content.

Distributed in a vast category, all the content is under the rights of OPT Recruit and no other secondary party.

By providing the content, OPT Recruit does not hand over the right to claim or own any content.

  • Information provided by OPTRecruit: OPT Recruit only provides information regarding hiring and recruitments. No user can add or subtract any information also given on the website of OPTRecruit.

The user cannot share any information or claim their right to it.

OPT Recruit does not reveal and does not entertain any theft of the information about their other users.

Please use the options of ‘Get in Touch’ or ‘Contact Us’ in the case of any misinformation or privacy theft if found on the OPT Recruit website. The terms and conditions are mandatory to read in the mean of accessing the OPT Recruit data and materials.

The condition for operating the content on OPT Recruit is to maintain the privacy condition of the user and the content. Or refer to our privacy policy for any doubts.

It is easy to contact and find content, as provided in the Privacy policy of OPTRecruit. Check it in case of any queries.