Best Noted Video Interview Tips for Employers to Focus

Conducting an interview has not been the same for every employer. And now because of the pandemic, the mode of interview and interactions are through screens. Video Interviews are playing a key role and a great support for employers and recruiters hiring talents in this pandemic era. Read this blog for some good achievable video interview tips for employers.

Video interviews, video conferencing, video calls, and many other modes have been a part of our daily life. For professional meetings, there are few video interview tips that should be noted.

The changed model of video interview also seeks the help of video interview tips, especially for employers. As conducting the interview takes place from the employer side, there are few video interview tips that can come in handy.

The new and changed way of interactions both formal and informal does not change the way of communication. The attitude and the delicacy of communication between two people do not change.

There are few video interview tips that every employer should know and do not change even if the mode of interview changes. Interview whether virtual or non-virtual shares the same rules for both employer and the employee.

Some Of The Most Important Video Interview Tips Are:

1.   Treat It like An Interview

Just because the mode of the interview has changed from face-to-face to video interview, it does not change anything. The formality of an interview does not change.

The video interview tips are as same as the no video interview. The punctuality, the set of questions, and the presentation should be the same.  The aim of any interview is to select an ideal candidate for the job profile. So, just because an employer is sitting at their homes, wearing pajamas, and taking an interview through video does not mean that the aim changes as well.

With all the interview etiquettes, an employer should organize and conduct the interview. The seriousness of an interview should not be compromised only because it is through video but in fact more maintained as it could be recorded.

2.   Narrate

During a physical interview, a candidate gets the chance to visit the company location, interact with people, and understand a little bit about the environment of the workplace.

But when in a video interview, it is the duty of the employer to give a glimpse about all such things to the candidate. The video interview tips also include an introduction about the company and the work atmosphere.

Even if the candidate is working from another location, some things should be narrated by the employer. For example, if the candidate is interviewing about any remote job profile, then during the interview an employer can tell the work ethics of all the remote employees in their company.

Or, an employer can also narrate the company’s annual or weekly targets that a candidate has to chase after getting selected. Narration is one of the important tips among all the video interview tips that can cover a lot of stuff.

Usually, an employer does inform the candidate about the policies and the requirements from the job profile they have applied for. So it is advisable to do that in video interviews too.

3.   Open To Disturbance

Video interview tips are for the time when the interview is taking place through an interview, which means that the candidate is not in the same environment as the employer.

Video interview tips include excusing the disturbance coming from the background of the candidate. It is advisable for the employer to mention the disturbance from both sides.

The disturbance can be of different forms and not just noises. During a video interview, there can be internet issues, glitches on the device, or any other issue related to the interview platform.

As these issues can be caused by both sides, it is advisable to be patient and coordinate accordingly. Communication is the key in an interview and it should be given a preference when it is digital.

Open to disturbance is very important among many other video interview tips as it can happen to anyone anytime. It is also suggested to have an option or backup in case of technical difficulties.

Video interview tips also include the alternate choice for the interview platform. The presentation during an interview can also be presented with an option in case of any disturbance.

4.   Take Notes and Improvise

Video interview tips for employers also include taking notes for future preferences. Taking notes about the performance of the candidates can help in remembering the plus and minus points.

Taking notes can also help about improving the performance of the employer as well. Video interviews can be updated with skills of taking interviews digitally.

Taking notes is an unavoidable video interview tips because it can improve all the other next video interviews. Taking notes into the smallest points can also help in revising them faster for the next interview.

An employer can jot down the points they asked, the points they didn’t ask but should have, the interruptions they faced, the interruption that candidates can face, and some all-time compulsory questions that they should ask.

With the help of such notes, an employer can improve their skill of interviewing and selecting candidates through a video interview. An employer can also record themselves and check on their weak and strong points.

5.   Things to Avoid

As an employer taking an interview gives the first impression of the company to the candidate. It can decide the fate of the candidate and all the candidates that come with the aim of becoming an employee.

During a video interview as well, the behavior of the employer and other few things should be kept in mind for making a good impression.

Few things to avoid are part of video interview tips that employers should keep in mind. Things to avoid include misbehaving with the candidate in case of any disturbance, any unprofessional topic or questions should also be avoided.

Being too casual with the candidate and not maintaining the decency of the interview can also be added in the video interview tips.

Many employers do share too much about the company or their own personal life which is inappropriate.

Things that are related to the job profile, company and future of the candidate should only be mentioned and discussed in an interview. Other than that there are things that should be avoided in a video interview.

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